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United Kingdom The Tyre Market, Or Over $6 Billion
- Nov 22, 2016 -

According to foreign media reports, according to Research and Markets company in the United Kingdom the tyre market forecasts and opportunities in 2021, by 2021, United Kingdom the tyre market scale is expected to exceed $6 billion.

United Kingdom the tyre market, mainly by replacing the market-led, because its domestic cars, and still continues to grow.

In 2015, United Kingdom the tyre market is dominated by passenger-car tires, United Kingdom tyres 80% per cent of total demand, followed by light commercial vehicles, as well as medium and heavy commercial vehicle tires.

The report noted that United Kingdom domestic tire demand mainly from London and the Southeast, due to high levels of urbanization in the region, total numbers of cars.

Tire world understood that in 2015, Goodyear tire announced to cut costs, closed its United Kingdom tire factory.

Due to the transfer of production, tires become United Kingdom important source markets. However sources say, United Kingdom Association believes that low-cost imported tires to the United Kingdom affected the industry.

They demonstrated with the "dumping" of relevant evidence and put pressure on the Government, hope that the United Kingdom Government to take special measures to restrict cheap imports.

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