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The Principle Of Air Filter Selection
- Sep 05, 2017 -

1. Correctly measure the dust content and dust characteristics of outdoor air. Because the filter is the outdoor air filter purification into the room, so the outdoor air dust content is a very important data. Especially in the multi-level purification filter processing, select the pre-filter to use the environment, spare parts costs, running energy, maintenance and supply factors such as comprehensive consideration.

2. Correct the filter characteristics. The characteristics of the filter is mainly filter efficiency, resistance, penetration, dust capacity, filtration wind speed and air handling. In the case of conditions permitting, should be selected as far as possible efficient, low resistance, dust capacity, filter wind speed is moderate, handling air volume, easy to manufacture and installation, low prices of the filter. This is in the air filter selection when considering the one-time investment and the secondary investment and energy efficiency ratio of economic analysis needs.

3. Analyze the properties of dust-laden gases. The nature of the dust-containing gas associated with the selection of the air filter is mainly the temperature, the humidity, the amount of the acid-base and the organic solvent. Because some filters allow the use of high temperature, and some filters can only work at room temperature, humidity, and dust containing gas containing the amount of acid and organic solvents on the air filter performance efficiency have an impact.

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