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The Operating Conditions Of The Cylinder Liner
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Cylinder liner inside the table by the high temperature and high pressure gas directly, and always with the piston ring and piston skirt high-speed sliding friction. Appearance and cooling water contact, in the larger temperature difference under the severe thermal stress, corrosion by the cooling water. The side thrust of the piston against the cylinder liner not only exacerbates its internal friction and causes it to bend. When the side thrust changes direction, the piston also hits the cylinder liner.

The gas pressure causes the cylinder wall to produce tangential tensile and radial compressive stresses and is the largest in the inner surface, and this stress is high frequency pulsating stress.

Due to the cylinder wall temperature difference between the inside and outside have a great thermal stress, the general temperature to produce compressive stress on the inner surface and the cooling surface there is tensile stress. But at very high temperatures, near the surface of the metal creep plastic deformation, and after cooling in the inner surface of the formation of residual tensile stress, with the start, stop the changes caused by low-frequency stress will make the material fatigue.


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