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Sinotruk, First Time In 2016 Will Set New Goals
- Nov 22, 2016 -

On January 3, the China National heavy duty truck Group held the first time in 2016 working conscientiously sum up the past year's work, scientific analysis of the current situation, problems in understanding, clear the "Thirteen-Five" development plan, determine work objectives and tasks of the year 2016.

Conference proposed, 2016 China heavy steam group work of General thought is: seriously learning implement Central and the province, and city economic workshop spirit, according to "innovation upgrade action plans" of General deployment, vigorously carried out "reform innovation upgrade years" activities, to more firm of confidence, more powerful of measures and more tenacious of spirit, on standard international requirements, full upgrade brand image, and products quality and benefits level. Around the "smart heavy truck" construction, upgrading innovation, deepen the reform, improve the mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, in order to achieve sustainable and healthy development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

2016, China National heavy duty truck Group's basic goals are: sales vehicle 162,000 units, of which 100,000 units of heavy trucks, light trucks 60,000 vehicles, passenger car 2000, strives to improve market share 1%. Mann? T/C products reach the international advanced level of benefit levels continue to be an industry leader.

Require all employees, especially party members and cadres in a speech Ma chunji, further strengthen our confidence, in accordance with the "innovation promotion action plan" requirements, increase the intensity of work, innovative working methods, initiatives, and conscientiously implement measures, strive for 2016, "Thirteen-Five plan" good development, good start. Ma chunji stressed that we must look carefully into the economic trends, in-depth analysis of the new trends of the development of the commercial vehicle industry, seizing the market opportunities. Put ideas into the spirit of the central economic work Conference, into the Group's task of reform and innovation, increase adjustment, promote sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

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