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Engine Technology
- Nov 22, 2016 -

Intelligent variable valve timing system (VVT-I) is unique to Toyota engine technology by adjusting for optimal valve timing camshaft angle.

Continuously variable valve timing system (CVVT) is Korea come in VVT-i and i-VTEC on the basis of research and development by controlling valve opening/closing makes the fuel burn more fully.

Variable valve timing and valve lift electronic control (VTEC) developed by Honda VTEC have now evolved into i-VTEC. In the low and high speed with two different sets of valve cam, you can also control the degree of valve opening time and upgrade, change the amount of intake and exhaust.

In-cylinder direct injection stratified charge combustion (FSI) will fuel directly into the combustion chamber at the right time. Through the design of internal shape of the combustion chamber, has a thick mixture around the spark plugs, and other regions is a thin mixture, guaranteed in the case of successful ignition of realizing lean burn as much as possible.

Variable displacement engine (MDS) can automatically convert between the 4-cylinder and 8-cylinder models.

Engine performance indicators used to characterize the performance characteristic of the engine and as a basis for evaluating all kinds of engine performance. Engine performance indicators are: dynamic indicators, economic indicators, environmental indicators, indicators of reliability and durability.

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