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Cylinder Liner Working Conditions
- Nov 09, 2017 -

The inner surface of the cylinder liner is directly exposed to the high temperature and pressure gas and always has high-speed sliding friction with the piston ring and piston skirt. Appearance and cooling water contact, in the larger temperature difference under severe thermal stress, corrosion by cooling water. The piston side of the cylinder liner thrust not only exacerbated the friction within the table, and make it bending. Side thrust change direction, the piston also hit the cylinder liner. In addition, it is subject to greater preload.

Gas pressure produces tangential and radial compressive stresses on the cylinder walls and maximum on the inner surface, all of which are dy- namic-pulsating stresses.

Due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cylinder wall produce great thermal stress, the general temperature of the inner surface of the compressive stress and cooling surface there is tensile stress. However, under extremely high temperatures, the metal creep near the inner surface is plastically deformed and the residual tensile stress is formed on the inner surface after cooling. This low frequency stress caused by starting and stopping changes can cause material fatigue.

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