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Cylinder Liner Wear Three Reasons
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Improper maintenance caused by wear and tear

1) Improper installation of cylinder liner. Cylinder liner installation, if there is installation error, the cylinder centerline and the crankshaft axis is not vertical, will cause the cylinder liner abnormal wear.

2) connecting rod copper sleeve hole deflection. In the repair, reaming rod small copper sleeve, the reamer tilting caused by connecting rod copper sleeve hole deviation, piston pin centerline and connecting rod centerline is not parallel, forcing the piston to cylinder liner on one side of the tilt , Will also cause non-normal cylinder liner wear.

3) connecting rod bending deformation. Due to speed accidents or other reasons, the impact of the connecting rod will have bending deformation, if not corrected in time and continue to use, will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner.

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