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Cylinder Liner Wear The Second Reason
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Wear caused by improper use

1) Lube filter filter effect is poor. If the oil filter is not working properly, the oil can not be effectively filtered. The oil containing a large amount of hard particles inevitably aggravates the wear of the cylinder liner.

2) low efficiency air filter filter. The role of the air filter is to remove the dust and sand contained in the air entering the cylinder to reduce the wear and tear on the cylinder, piston and piston rings and other parts. Experiments show that if the engine is not installed air filter, cylinder wear will increase 6-8 times. Long-term lack of cleaning and maintenance of air filter, filtration effect is poor, will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner.

3) low temperature operation for a long time. Long time low temperature operation, one is caused by poor combustion, carbon deposition from the upper part of the cylinder liner began to spread, so that the upper cylinder liner has serious abrasive wear and tear; the second is caused by electrochemical corrosion.

4) often use low-grade lubricants. Some car owners to save trouble and save money, often in the roadside shop or to buy unscrupulous traders inferior lubricants, resulting in strong corrosion of the upper cylinder liner, the wear and tear larger than normal 1-2.

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