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Cylinder Liner Wear One Of The Reasons
- Nov 14, 2017 -

Structure caused by wear and tear

1) poor lubrication conditions, so that the upper cylinder liner wear serious. Upper cylinder liner adjacent to the combustion chamber, the temperature is high, poor lubrication conditions. Fresh air and non-evaporated fuel erosion and dilution, exacerbated the deterioration of the upper conditions, so that the cylinder are in dry or semi-dry friction state, which is caused by the upper cylinder wear and tear causes serious.

2) The upper pressure, so that the cylinder was heavy wear and tear on the light wear. Piston ring in its own resilience and back pressure under the action of the pressure on the cylinder wall, the greater the pressure, the lubricant film formation and maintenance more difficult, mechanical wear increased. In the work trip, as the piston down, the pressure is gradually reduced, so the cylinder wear and tear was on the light.

3) The mineral acid and organic acid make the cylinder surface corrosion peel off. Combustible mixture in the cylinder combustion, resulting in water vapor and acidic oxides, which are soluble in water to generate mineral acids, coupled with organic acids generated during combustion, the cylinder surface corrosion, corrosion in the friction gradually by the piston ring scraping Off, resulting in cylinder liner deformation.

4) into the mechanical impurities, so that the central cylinder wear increased. Dust in the air, oil impurities, etc., into the piston and cylinder wall between the abrasive wear. Dust or impurities with the piston reciprocating in the cylinder, due to the maximum cylinder in the middle of the movement speed, thus exacerbating the wear of the middle cylinder.

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