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Canada Specialists: Autopilot Will Make More People The Car It's Not Safe
- Nov 22, 2016 -

Beijing May 3 morning news, experts worry that as semi-automatic driving does not require the driver to drive in the process of putting too much effort, thus causing more distraction driving behavior and even increase the frequency. Canada automation expert Bali·KEKE Automotive Center of excellence (Barrie Kirk) said: "I would expect that once the computer can drive a car, there will be more earthquakes. This is one of many things down the reaction speed. ”

Canada the Federal Government is setting up a unmanned vehicle regulatory framework, and the United States Federal Government officials at the Transport Minister make·jianuoer (Marc Garneau) report was adopted last fall after assuming his Office, expressed concerns to him.

Report says: "the drivers tend to overestimate the autopilot performance after starting the cruise mode, naturally turned their attention elsewhere. ”

That report also quoted some of Tesla driver misconduct, including reading newspapers or brushing your teeth while in cruise mode. Tesla has yet to comment, but the company made it clear that, auto cruise function is only for vehicle and partial automatic function, in order to improve security

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