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Automotive Engine Repair And Maintenance
- Nov 22, 2016 -

Automobile engine needs regular maintenance. After driving through some of the very damp or dust, especially when large areas, but also to do some maintenance on engine-related parts.

Change the oil and oil filter on a regular basis.

Oil from the oil filter holes through, solid oil particle and viscous material accumulated in the filter. If filter blockage, oil cannot flow through filter, will burst filter or open the relief valve, bypass valve through, put the dirt back to lubrication, engine wear accelerated internal pollution.

Keep the crankcase ventilation

Deposition of pollutants in the air around the PCV valve, may make the valve plug. If the PCV valve plug gas reverse flow air filter, reduced pollution filter filter, inhaled gas mixture too dirty, causing contamination of the crankcase, resulting in increased fuel consumption and increased engine wear, and even damage the engine. Therefore, to carry out regular maintenance of PCV, removing pollutants around the PCV valve.

Regular cleaning of crankcase

During the engine running, high pressure in the combustion chamber unburned gases, acids, water, sulphur and nitrogen oxides after piston ring and cylinder wall clearance to enter the crankcase, mixed with metal powder with wear parts, forming sludge. When suspended in the oil, a large quantity of oil from the oil separated, plug the filter and oil hole, resulting in engine lubrication problems, caused by wear. In addition, oil oxidation at high temperatures produces film and carbon on the piston bond, increases fuel consumption, the engine power is reduced, which makes piston rings cylinder the death card. Therefore, regular use of BGl05 (lubrication system efficient and rapid cleaning) cleaning of crankcase, keep the engine clean.

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