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Automotive Engine Overheating
- Nov 22, 2016 -

Largely because of the hot car, parked cars after a long time, the oil flow back into the lower part of the engine in the engine oil pan, so heat is necessary. Correct hot car method is, after 30 seconds to one minute after the launch on the road, but do not drive at high speed, should be kept at low speed, the engine speed not exceeding 3000~3500 to limit, generally maintain 2000 rpm, or heated to engine and gearbox wear, but can not be restored. After the engine temperature up to normal operating temperature (about 3-5 minute), and then resume normal driving.

Engine overheating will cause some damage to the engine. If the engine temperature is too high, the owner can do some checks:

Fan motor does not move or fan clutch failure, not cooling properly.

Catalytic converter block or pipe burst, causing the exhaust is blocked and cause the engine to overheat.

Cooling system pipes ruptured, resulting in loss of coolant, cooling not working properly.

After long use pump in high wear and part ground lost to fall off.

If the radiator Cap pressure will lead to spring loose, cover closed and mouth unable to close.

Thermostat not switching properly, usually caused by mechanical failure or incomplete filling of the cooling system. Thermostats may also be updated and the temperature coefficient of the original are different.

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